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Amanda Ziel TDC Dance Routine At Dance Tech Academy we pride ourselves on hiring passionate and dedicated teachers to help guide your dancer to their full potential. We thought an instructor spotlight would be a great way to help you get to know them a little better. This month we introduce you to Amanda Ziel, our resident Education Director, and Pre-Ballet Instructor. Enjoy!

I started dance at the age of two. Initially, I began dancing because my mom wanted me to try, and I wanted to follow in my sister’s footsteps. I always looked up to her; she was a beautiful dancer. I still remember many of the songs I danced to and the first dance move I ever learned was a Pas de Bourree.

I still remember the first dance move I ever learned, the Pas de Bourree.

By the age of nine, I no longer wanted to dance.  As a young child and through my adult years I suffered severe anxiety. I would get so anxious before performing that I just wanted to quit.  This fear lead me to stop dancing for many years. I have since regretted not finding a better way to cope with my anxiety and keep dancing.

I took several years off of dance, and I missed out on so many opportunities and friendships.  Many of my best friends now are people I met in the dance world. My life would have been could have turned out differently had I stuck with dance. Dance is hard, but keep working it will always turn out for the best.


Amanda Ziel Dancing with TDC

As you mature as a dancer, you will find better ways to cope with the challenges of dance.  I think its probably different for each dancer, I just say don’t give up.  Dancing saved my life, the life I lead would not be the same if we’re not for dance.

I love teaching.  Especially now, seeing dancers that I have been teaching for nine years, grow and excel in their talents.

I am still a dancer and not just an instructor. Seeing all the fantastic talent that adults can have even though the body is aging.  We are tired and sore, but dance always makes you feel better.  I think I’m a well-rounded dancer now than I ever was as a teen or young adult.

To learn more about Amanda visit her profile.

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