Are you ready to get your body into motion?

If you are like me, you have to give your body some prep time to get back into the workout routine. Here are some quick tips that I use to get myself back into the habit.

1. Take it Easy

I always take the first two weeks nice and easy. I like to get my body use to the motion of the working, but without putting a significant amount of stress on the body or pressure on myself.

2. Prepare

During that week I make sure that I am getting plenty of water. My muscles need water to function, I have learned this from experience. There was a time where I had neglected to drink the proper amount of water beforehand, then pushed myself like I usually do. It ended up with me and the floor and a group of people standing around me semi-concerned and semi-giggling. No real damage, just a stomach cramp.

3. Rest

Give your body the proper rest before you go back out again. If you don’t give your body that time to heal you are going to cause more damage then good.

4. Push Yourself

After your allotted time to get your body back into the rhythm. It is now time to push yourself incrementally. Set yourself goals just outside of your limit and create a plan to achieve them. No matter if you are a business tycoon or just going to the gym. Plans proceed success.

Keep it simple, and keep going!

Written By: Brooke Floyd

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