Dance Tech Academy now has Social Ballroom!

Dance Tech Academy Can Foxtrot

Dance Tech Academy is excited to announce the addition of a new Adult Social Ballroom class. We have 2 awesome new instructors, Jordan Hardy & Lance Munns, who are excited to lead this fun class.

Adult Social Ballroom is held on Friday nights at 7 PM. The first 4-week session will begin February 2nd – just in time for Valentines Day. During this session, couples will learn the Foxtrot and Swing.

This class is perfect for beginners who have never danced before, as well as experienced dancers who want to brush up on their skills while having fun. We’ve got Date Night planned for you – just grab that special someone and come have some fun!

Social Ballroom Check List:

  1. Call Dance Tech Academy
  2. Grab your spot in the Social Ballroom Class
  3. Show up @ 7 pm February 2nd
  4. Repeat Step 3 every Friday in February
  5. Start again at Step 1 for a fun Country Dance session in March

How to Get Your Body Ready to Work

Are you ready to get your body into motion?

If you are like me, you have to give your body some prep time to get back into the workout routine. Here are some quick tips that I use to get myself back into the habit.

1. Take it Easy

I always take the first two weeks nice and easy. I like to get my body use to the motion of the working, but without putting a significant amount of stress on the body or pressure on myself.

2. Prepare

During that week I make sure that I am getting plenty of water. My muscles need water to function, I have learned this from experience. There was a time where I had neglected to drink the proper amount of water beforehand, then pushed myself like I usually do. It ended up with me and the floor and a group of people standing around me semi-concerned and semi-giggling. No real damage, just a stomach cramp.

3. Rest

Give your body the proper rest before you go back out again. If you don’t give your body that time to heal you are going to cause more damage then good.

4. Push Yourself

After your allotted time to get your body back into the rhythm. It is now time to push yourself incrementally. Set yourself goals just outside of your limit and create a plan to achieve them. No matter if you are a business tycoon or just going to the gym. Plans proceed success.

Keep it simple, and keep going!

Written By: Brooke Floyd

Getting to Know the Dance Tech Academy Staff

Amanda Ziel Education Director


Amanda Ziel TDC Dance Routine At Dance Tech Academy we pride ourselves on hiring passionate and dedicated teachers to help guide your dancer to their full potential. We thought an instructor spotlight would be a great way to help you get to know them a little better. This month we introduce you to Amanda Ziel, our resident Education Director, and Pre-Ballet Instructor. Enjoy!

I started dance at the age of two. Initially, I began dancing because my mom wanted me to try, and I wanted to follow in my sister’s footsteps. I always looked up to her; she was a beautiful dancer. I still remember many of the songs I danced to and the first dance move I ever learned was a Pas de Bourree.

I still remember the first dance move I ever learned, the Pas de Bourree.

By the age of nine, I no longer wanted to dance.  As a young child and through my adult years I suffered severe anxiety. I would get so anxious before performing that I just wanted to quit.  This fear lead me to stop dancing for many years. I have since regretted not finding a better way to cope with my anxiety and keep dancing.

I took several years off of dance, and I missed out on so many opportunities and friendships.  Many of my best friends now are people I met in the dance world. My life would have been could have turned out differently had I stuck with dance. Dance is hard, but keep working it will always turn out for the best.


Amanda Ziel Dancing with TDC

As you mature as a dancer, you will find better ways to cope with the challenges of dance.  I think its probably different for each dancer, I just say don’t give up.  Dancing saved my life, the life I lead would not be the same if we’re not for dance.

I love teaching.  Especially now, seeing dancers that I have been teaching for nine years, grow and excel in their talents.

I am still a dancer and not just an instructor. Seeing all the fantastic talent that adults can have even though the body is aging.  We are tired and sore, but dance always makes you feel better.  I think I’m a well-rounded dancer now than I ever was as a teen or young adult.

To learn more about Amanda visit her profile.

DTA Holiday Benefit Concert Donations

Ths Spirit Of Giving

The holiday season can be stressful but is always full of excitement. Dance Tech Academy’s upcoming Holiday Benefit Concert is a great opportunity to put aside the stress of the season to enjoy a fun dance concert while helping families in need.

General Admission is $4 and a canned or non-perishable food item. As in years past, all food items will be donated to the Idaho Falls Community Food Basket to help local families, and proceeds & additional donations will help a family in need. This year, these donations will benefit Kristi Trent, an individual in our community who could use some extra help.

Kristi Trent is 54 years old, and found the love of her life and married him on June 1st of 2017. The couple was just settling into their home when a fire took everything she owned on August 3rd.

Around this time, Kristi began to lose weight and had a lack of energy. Kristi went to the doctor and found that she had Lymphoma.

Kristi truly loves life and is never seen without a smile. That is not going to change; her condition is treatable, but treatments are expensive. Let’s join together to lift the burden and help her win the fight.

Holiday Benefit Concert

Our Holiday Benefit Concert is Saturday, Dec. 2nd at 11:00 am at the Hillcrest Performing Arts Center (north side of Sunnyside Rd. just East of Hitt Rd.). Doors will open at 10:30 am. Admission is a $4 donation and a canned or non-perishable food item per seat (dancers get in free). Proceeds will benefit the Idaho Falls Food Bank and other local families in need. Your generous donations are much appreciated! To help earn more for the cause, we are selling reserved seating tickets in advance for $8 per seat. Reserved and General Admission tickets will be sold at DTA during office hours beginning Tuesday, November 14th – Thursday, November 30th.

Listed below are the call times for all classes performing. Call times are the times the performers need to meet their class, with hair and make-up done, ready to perform. Please do not be late. We will not hold up the show to wait for late performers to arrive.

Call time 10:40 AM – Dancers will perform in Act 1 (beginning at 11:00 AM):

Toddler A, B, D, JBT A, B, C, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pre-Team A, B, C, D

Call time 11:40 AM Dancers will perform in Act 2 (beginning at approx. 12:00 PM):  

DT Company, Company II, Excel, Pre-Minis, Combo Tech 1, 2, 3, Hip Hop 1, 2, 3, 4, DT Vibe, DT Pulse, soloists

All classes will meet in the hallway or classrooms near the backstage entrance (look for the signs on the walls for directions), with the exception of JBT A, B, C, D, and all Toddler classes. These classes will have assigned seating on the right side of the auditorium, close to the front. This is so one parent can sit with their child and we can quickly gather them to go backstage when it is their time to perform. Look for the sign with your child’s class listed so they will all be together. We will bring them back to those seats when they are finished performing. There is not enough room in these seats for the rest of the family so just one parent please.

After you drop off your dancer with their class, please be courteous as you find a seat in the auditorium. Please do not stand or walk in front of people while dances are being performed. Wait until in between dances and quickly be seated, and wait until the end of the Act to leave. For classes other than JBT A, B, C, D, and all Toddler classes, you will need to go to the hallway near the backstage entrance to pick up your child after they perform. We will need a parent or other teen/adult volunteer for every 6-7 children in a class to help us keep children quiet and together with their class backstage. Please let the receptionist at the front desk know if you have someone available to help.

If you will be video recording your child’s performance, please remain seated to do so or stand in the back or far side aisle, and be sure you are not blocking anyone else’s view. Thank you.

We are excited to see the dancers at their first performance on stage this season!

Festival of Trees

Our first performance is Wednesday, Nov. 15th at the Shilo Inn Convention Center (780 Lindsay Blvd.) Classes performing are listed below. Performers will be admitted free; however, all others must purchase a ticket to attend, observe, or assist a dancer. All proceeds go to the Development Workshop.

Entry fees are:

$0.00 – Children 2 years old and under

$1.00 – Disabled and their care givers

$2.00 – Children ages 3-11

$3.00 – Senior citizens / Except Thursday / Free

$3.00 – 12-17 years of age

$4.00 – 18-59 years of age

$12.00 – One-time family pass (per day)

$10.00 – Multiple day pass (per person)

$25.00 – Multiple day family pass

Other activities at the Festival include a bake sale, craft boutiques, Festival Café, photos with Santa, beautifully decorated trees, and more. The Festival organizers are grateful to us for our support. We will not have classes on Wednesday the 15th for the classes that are performing.

Call time:      Perform at:    Classes:

5:10 pm           5:30 pm          Toddler D, JBT-D, Pre-Team A, Pre-Team D

5:45 pm           6:00 pm          Toddler B, JBT-B, JBT-A, JBT-3
6:15 pm          6:30 pm           Toddler A, JBT-1, JBT-2, Pre-Team C

6:45 pm           7:00 pm          JBT-C, JBT-4, Pre-Team B

Call times are when the dancers should be in the warm-up room, in costume, ready to perform. Please allow time for parking, locating the warm-up room, and finding seats to watch your child perform. This performance venue is small and crowded for observers. We suggest you do not plan to invite extra family and friends, nor plan to record your dancer. Save the inviting and recording for their next performance, the Holiday Benefit Concert at Hillcrest Performing Arts Center on December 2nd at 11:00 AM. More details to about this performance to come in a later email.

Entrance for the performers will be through the main hotel lobby doors of the Shilo. The warm-up room is past the front desk and down the hallway to the left (there will be signs posted). *Please note that all Toddler, JBT, and Pre-Team classes will perform two dances. After their second dance (their Christmas dance), they will be taken back to the warm-up room where they are to be picked up. We are asking for 1 or 2 parent volunteers for each class to help keep children together. If you would like to volunteer please sign up at the front desk. Volunteer helpers will still need to pay the Festival of Trees admission.

 Please refer to the calendar on our website for important dates and holiday breaks (click here)

Practice music is also available on our website for most classes here


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Upcoming Events

9:00 am DT Company & Company II Photos @ The Venue
DT Company & Company II Photos @ The Venue
Feb 24 @ 9:00 am
Group photos will begin at 9:00 am and be taken in the following order: Gold – Winter Song Silver & Bronze – Maibu Juniors – Angels Seniors – Madness Elite – Human Gold & Silver[...]
all-day Technical Moves Solo Competition @ Civic Auditorium
Technical Moves Solo Competition @ Civic Auditorium
Mar 2 all-day
JBT 1, 2, 3, 4 & Pre-Team A, B, C, & D will perform during the judges’ break at approx. 6:30. Dancers will need to be there and ready in costume at 6:10 pm. Their performance[...]

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