DTA's Opening Carnival Social

Dance Tech Academy Opening Carnival Social


September 15th, 2017 at 6 P.M. we will be having an opening social.This will be open to all dancers, family, and friends. Come ready to have fun!


We have fun games and activities planned.

We have also invited Waffle Works to come to the party and be available if people desire.


All the festivities will occur at Dance Tech Academy.


Because we can. We don’t need permission to throw a party. Duh! 😉

Ready For Registration?

Here we go again with another fantastic dance season!

At Dance Tech Academy, we have put together a how-to on registering for the upcoming season and added a few tips for our new dancers on how to pick the right class.

First, we want to help guide you on when and how to register for classes. For most studios the start of the season coincides with the start of the school year. It is always a good idea to find out ahead of time when registration opens so that you don’t get left behind, or stress out about a last-second sign up.

Online registration is currently open at DTA. If you prefer to register in person, check out our registration event on August 14th from 4-7pm. At this event, there will be door prizes, refreshments, and free t-shirts for everyone who registers (while supplies last). We do recommend you come early, especially if you have your sights set on one class in particular – classes fill up quickly!


You can sign up by visiting our Registration Page.

What if you are not sure which class to register your student for?

Not sure which class(es) to register for? Our staff is happy to help! Each student is different, which is why Dance Tech Academy offers a wide variety of classes with amazing instructors including Ballet, Hip-Hop, Modern, Pointe, Jazz, combination classes, and competing teams. Classes are offered for all ages and skill levels, so you’re sure to find the right fit.

2017 Audition Results

DT Company

*Dancers must enroll in Ballet, Jazz, and Dance Conditioning classes in the summer and be present to at least 6 weeks of each. Fall requirements will be covered in the parent meeting on Monday, June 12th at 7:00 pm.

Elite Company







Senior Company







Junior Company






DT Company II

*Dancers must enroll in Ballet and Jazz technique classes in the summer and be present to at least 6 weeks of each. Fall requirements will be covered in the parent meeting on Monday, June 12th at 6:00pm. 

Company II Gold

­ 41




Company II Silver






 Company II Bronze







*No summer requirements; however, ballet and/or jazz technique classes are highly recommended. Dancers are required to take ballet in addition to Pre-Minis in the fall, and may take any other technique classes in addition at a discounted rate.








No summer requirements; however, ballet and/or jazz technique classes are highly recommended. Dancers are required to take ballet in addition to Excel in the fall, and may take any other technique classes in addition at a discounted rate.




Combo Tech 2

*No summer requirements; however, Ballet, Jazz, and/or Combo Dance classes are highly recommended. Technique classes are also recommended in addition to Combo Tech in the fall and may be added at a discounted rate.






DT Vibe Hip Hop Team

*Dancers must enroll in Hip Hop 3 in the summer and participate in our Hip Hop workshop on August 14th. DT Vibe will be held on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00 pm in the fall, and dancers will need to enroll in at least one other technique class in addition to DT Vibe. Information packets will be available at the front desk next week. 









DT Pulse Hip Hop Team

*Dancers must enroll in Hip Hop 3 in the summer and participate in our Hip Hop Workshop on August 14th. DT Pulse will be held on Thursdays from 7:30-8:30 pm in the fall, and dancers will need to enroll in at least one other technique class in addition to DT Pulse. Information packets will be available at the front desk next week. 









May 13th Recital Show Order

ACT 1 4:00 PM
Toddler A Hey Good Lookin
Toddler D Teddy Bear
Toddler B I Feel Good
Toddler C I Want it All
JBT 2 The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Toddler Classes Move Your Hair
5 min intermission for Toddler parents to pick up their dancers in the foyer
JBT 3 Part of your World
JBT A Dancing in the Street
JBT 4 My Girl
JBT D You Can Tell She’s a Princess
Session Jazz/Ballet Lollipop
JBT 1 Just Dance
JBT C Favorite Things
JBT B American Woman
JBT 2 I Just Can’t Wait to be King
Pre-Ballet 1 (Tues) Once Upon a December
JBT 3 Under the Sea
JBT A Puttin’ on the Ritz
JBT 4 I Want You Back
JBT D Gotta Be Me
JBT 1 Help Me Rhonda
JBT C Supercalifragilistic
JBT B True to your Heart
ACT 2 6:00 PM
Aerial Dance 1 Fly
DT Company Gold
Combo Tech 1 Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
Pre-Minis Gaga
Ballet 3/4 Beauty
Hip Hop 1 Bring ‘Em Out
Elevate Gatsby
Pre-Team C Beautiful Creatures
Hip Hop 2 Kiss the Sky
Ballet 2 Sherlock
Combo Tech 2 Footloose
Pre-Team B Lemonade
Combo Tech 3 Pink Panther
Pre-Team A Roar
Pre-Ballet 2 Little Swans
Hip Hop 2-B Pop
Ballet 1 Pirates
Hip Hop 1 Hair Up
Pre-Team C Be Our Guest
Ballet 1-B With One Look
Combo Tech 1 I Love You Too Much
Pre-Ballet 1 (Mon) Music Box Dancer
Combo Tech 2 Play My Music
Pre-Team B You’ll Be in my Heart
Combo Tech 3 Someone Like You
Pre-Team A Circle of Life
Hip Hop 2 Outta Your Mind
Tap 1 The Way You make Me Feel
Pre-Minis I See the Light
Elevate Look Through
Minis & Smalls Bathing Beauties

May 12th Concert Show Order

Pre-Show 6:30
Cylee Randolph Shake the Room
Eme Wolle I’m Finally Me
Kendry Floyd Lullaby
Emersyn Hughes Delicate
Madison Ingle Lone Ranger
Emma Gooch Better When I’m Dancing
Breauna Hansen Running with the Wolves
Alexia Tolman Invisible
Kaebree Nebeker Castle
Allie Nield Rise Up
Ivette Carmona Tell Me How to Feel
Hailee Fell Is There Somewhere
Jordyn Crane Don’t Worry About Me
Sarah Nelson  Save Yourself
Concert 7:00
DT Company Gold
DT Minis I Love Me
Sr/Elite Company People Help the People
DT Smalls/Jr Company Hey Ho
Elite Company Season of Love
DT Vibe Pain Killer
Acro/Aerial Playground
Acro/Aerial Fly
Pointe Indian Summer
DT Smalls Me & My Girls
Jr/Sr Company Kill of the Night
DT Pulse Girls Like
Jr. Company Control
DT Minis & Smalls Bathing Beauties
Sr/Elite Company Ashes

Upcoming Recital & Concert Information

The Dance Tech Academy Recital is Saturday, May 13th at the Colonial Theater. Below is the information you will need to know about dress rehearsal and recital.

Before we put on this show, we have a dress rehearsal to help us set the stage lighting for the dancers’ costumes, and let them practice on the stage. Dancers do need to be in costume for this rehearsal. Please have your dancers at the Colonial Theater (450 A Street) by the times specified for their class. This will help us run rehearsal as smoothly and quickly as possible. Please enter through the SIDE door (faces Capital Ave) marked  “Performers Entrance.”

Rehearsal Date – Thursday, May 11th

4:00 pm          DT Minis, DT Smalls, Small/Jr combined, Pre-Minis

4:45 pm          Pre-Ballet 1 (Monday), Pre-Ballet 2, Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3/4, Pointe

5:30 pm          DT Vibe, DT Pulse, Elevate, Aerial Dance 1

6:15 pm          DT Company, Acro/Aerial, Solos

Rehearsal Date – Saturday May 13th

9:15 am          Hip Hop 1, JBT 1, JBT 2, JBT 3, JBT 4, Tap 1

10:15 am        JBT A, JBT B, JBT C, Pre-Team A, Pre-Team C, Ballet 1-B

11:15 am        Toddler A, B, C, D, JBT D, Session Jazz/Ballet, Hip Hop 2

12:15 pm        Pre-Team B, Pre-Ballet 1 (Tuesday), Combo Tech 1, Combo Tech 2, Combo Tech 3, Hip Hop 2-B

Concert May 12th

DT Company, DT Smalls, DT Minis, DT Pulse, DT Vibe, Pointe, and Acro/Aerial will all be performing in the May 12th concert. Company, Minis, and Smalls will also be performing their large group routines in the recital (see the bottom of this post for specifics.)

All dancers will need to be there and ready to begin group warm up by 5:45 pm. Dancers will enter through the side door; however, parents must enter through the main entrance. Main doors will open at 6:00 pm, the Pre-Show consisting of dancers’ solos will begin at 6:30 pm, and the show will begin at 7 pm.

We will need a couple volunteers to help the younger dancers with costume changes in between dances. Please let the front desk know if this is something you are interested in doing.

Recital May 13th

May 13th recital is split up into Two Acts. Act 1 begins at 4:00 pm, so all dancers in this Act will need to be there and ready by 3:45. These classes are: Toddler A, B, C, D, JBT A, B, C, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, Session Jazz/Ballet, and Pre-Ballet 1 (Tuesday class).

Act 2 begins at 6:00pm, and these dancers will need to be there and ready by 5:45. These classes are: Pre-Team A, B, C, Hip Hop 1, 2, 2-B, Combo Tech 1, 2, 3, Pre-Ballet 1 (Monday class), Pre Ballet 2, Ballet 1, 2, 3, 4, Ballet 1-B, Tap 1, Intro to Aerial Dance, Pre-Minis, Elevate, DT Minis, DT Smalls, and DT Company.

Dancers will need to be dropped off at the same entrance they came in for dress rehearsal. However, ALL parents and other audience members will need to go around and enter through the front, except those who have signed up to help a specific class (details below). Doors will be opened to the audience at 3:30 for Act 1 and 5:30 for Act 2. If you are coming only for Act 2, please wait until the doors open at 5:30. When those who are there only for Act 1 leave, it will open up more seats for Act 2 viewers.

We are now looking for some extra helpers for the younger classes (parents, older siblings, etc). We try to get help from people who do not have performers so parents can watch the show, but we can’t always get enough. We need 1 or 2 helpers for each class to stay with them while they wait to perform and take them up to the stage. Helpers get in for free, but will have to watch from the side of the stage. We are compiling a list at the front desk if you or someone you know is interested being a helper.

Tickets to the recital are $5+tax per seat (general admission). They are available to purchase now at the Colonial Theater Ticket Office weekdays at 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, or by calling 522-0471, or online at, or at the door (you may have to wait in line at the door). The Arts Council will ask you which Act you are coming for in order to have enough seating for both acts; however, you only need to purchase one ticket per person, even if you are staying for both Acts. If you will be attending both the recital and the DT Company concert on Friday, May 12 ($8+tax per seat), be sure to purchase those tickets all at once for $12+tax per seat.

Both shows will be recorded professionally by JH Media. Order forms will be available soon at the front desk.

**The following pieces will be in BOTH, the recital and the Company concert

1.     DT Minis & Smalls (Bathing Beauties)

2.     DT Company (Gold)

**The following pieces will ONLY be in the May 12th Company Concert, not the recital

1.     Pointe

2.     Acro/Aerial

3.     DT Pulse

4.     DT Vibe

5.     DT Company pieces, other than Gold

6.     Minis & Smalls individual pieces

7.     Solos

**ALL other pieces will be in the May 13th recital ONLY



Canyon Rim competition call times (4/28-4/29)

Friday, April 28:

Emersyn – 2:45 pm
Alexia – 5:15 pm
DT Smalls – 5:15 pm

*Awards – 6:30 pm*

Kendry – 6:15 pm
Cylee – 6:15 pm
Eme – 6:30 pm
Kaebree – 6:30 pm
Allie – 7:00 pm

*Awards 9:15 pm*

Saturday, April 29:

DT Minis – 8:30 am
Minis & Smalls – 10:30 am

*Awards 1:15 pm*

Pre-Minis (I See the Light) – 2:00 pm
Elevate (Gatsby) – 3:30 pm
Pre-Minis (Gaga) – 5:00 pm
Elevate (Look Through) 5:45 pm

*Awards 7:00 pm*

Upcoming Retirement Home Performances

Toddlers, JBTs, Pre-Teams, and Session Jazz/Ballet will be performing at local retirement homes April 18th and 19th. These performances are for practice before recital and because the residents love to watch them perform. However, it is not the recital and the retirement homes are not good places for inviting friends and family members. These locations are small and can become very crowded, so please do not invite extra people. During their performance, please stand behind the residents that we are there to perform for. If you need to bring other children other than performers, please keep them with you at all times. JBTs and Pre-Teams will be doing both of their dances, so make sure they have all costume pieces and shoes. Below is the schedule of which classes will perform at which home. Please note that the call times are when dancers need to be there and ready.


Tuesday, April 18th: Tambree Meadows – 3620 Potomac – 6:00 PM

                                          Call time 5:45: Toddler A, JBT A, Pre-Team A, JBT C

                                 Morning Star – 4000 S 25th E (Hitt Rd) – 7:00 pm

                                           Call time 6:45: Toddler B, JBT B, JBT 1, Pre-Team B


Wednesday, April 19th: Lincoln Court – 850 Lincoln – 6:00 PM

                                             Call time 5:45: Toddler D, JBT 2, JBT 3, Session Jazz/Ballet

                         Parkwood Meadows – 1885 Parkwood – 7:00 PM

                                              Call time 6:45: Toddler C, JBT D, JBT 4, Pre-Team C


**Note: There WILL NOT be class on April 18th or 19th for any Toddler, JBT or Pre-Team classes**

Our Dance Tech recital is where you will want to invite family and friends. It will be at the Colonial Theatre on Saturday, May 13. Dress rehearsal will be earlier that same day for about an hour, sometime between 10:00am -1:00pm, (more detailed information to come). Tickets are $5 per seat and will go on sale beginning April 24th at the Colonial Theatre ticket office. To purchase tickets over the phone, call (208) 522-0471.

The week following the recital will be our class awards parties. Also, all home practice times need to be turned in at the desk by Monday, May 8th.

Aspire competition call times

#403 – DT Smalls (Me & My Girls) 8:00 am

**Free Master Class for dancers 13 & up 9:30 – 10:30 am**

#471 – Kaebree solo 11:00 am

#480 – Ivette solo 11:30 am

**Free Master Class for dancers 12 & under 12:00 – 1:00pm**
**Solo/Duo/Trio awards 1:15 pm**
#498 – Smalls & Jrs (Hey Ho) 1:00 pm
#507 – DT Minis (I Love Me)1:20 pm
#514 – Jrs & Srs (Kill of the Night) 1:40 pm
#515 – Minis & Smalls (Bathing Beauties) 1:45 pm
#529 – DT Vibe (Pain Killer) 2:40 pm
#530 – DT Pulse (Girls Like) 2:40 pm
#538 – Sr/Elite (Ashes) 3:00 pm
#550 – Juniors (Control) 3:40 pm
#555 – Elite (Season of Love) 4:00 pm
#562 – Sr/Elite (People Help the People) 4:30 pm
#568 – DT Company (Gold) 4:45 pm
**Awards ceremony 6:10 pm**

Technical Moves Competition call times

Below are dancer call times for the Technical Moves Competition this Saturday, March 11th at the Civic Auditorium. Please look them over and make sure your dancer is there and ready by the scheduled time. Dancers will be getting wristbands and Master Class tickets this week in class. They must wear the wristbands on Saturday to avoid paying admission, so do not lose them.


#7 Sr/Elite Company (People Help the People) – 7:45 am

#13 DT Pulse (Girls Like) – quick change after People Help the People
#25 Jr. Company (Control) – 8:15 am
#35 Jr/Sr Company (Kill of the Night) – 8:30 am
#52 DT Minis (I Love Me) – 9:30 am
#54 Smalls/Jrs (Hey Ho) – 9:30 am
#64 Minis & Smalls (Bathing Beauties) – quick changes after I Love Me & Hey Ho
#68 DT Vibe (Pain Killer) – 10:30 am
**12:15 pm – ALL DANCERS – Master Classes with The Dance Collaborative**
#84 Elite Company (Season of Love) – quick change after Master Class
#95 Sr/Elite Company (Ashes) – quick change after Season, Srs be ready after Master Class
#107 Pointe (Indian Summer) – quick change after Ashes
#109 Pre-Minis (Gaga) – 2:00 pm
#111 Elevate (Gatsby) – 2:00 pm
#123 Pre-Minis (I See the Light) – stay after Gaga
#125 Elevate (Look Through) – stay after Gatsby
#167 DT Company (Gold) – 5:30 pm
**Approx. 7pm – ALL DANCERS – Awards Ceremony**


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